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    Clements Kitchen

    If there is one thing that we love, it is food. Since we have always been foodies on a budget, Myke wanted to bring some recipes to share with everyone. For our first episode we have a fun an relatively inexpensive pork taco recipe.

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    2018 and 2019

    2018 was a year of growth, trust, and faith. We started the year on the fast track at both of our jobs that we loved, part of a church that was family, and had a beautiful little girl. About a month in we clearly heard from the Lord that something…

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    Hello everyone! We are back…well sort of. Our sweet little Meghan is one month old so we are going to start pushing content out once again and sharing how we are  adjusting to our new normal as a family of four and with two girls under two years old.  The…

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    Welcome MJ

    “I think i’m pregnant” Allison said to me one April evening worry and dread on her face.  That thought had been eating away at her for  a few weeks now. It was entirely possible that less than a year after Olivia’s birth we could be pregnant again. Two kids back…

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    Getting Ready for Baby #2

    A couple weeks ago, we made a trip to our storage unit with all of our belongings to get some things for Baby #2. We figured, get majority of things out that we knew we would use/need in the first month and then take it from there. Luckily we didn’t…

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    What’s for Dinner?

    In our house, Myke is the cook and I’m the baker. He is always looking for a easy and delicious recipe for us and now that we are a growing family, we need that more than ever. Our classic go to is a lean protein and something green, which is…

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    In One Week

    In one week I will have a 1 year old child and I will also be 32 weeks pregnant with my second. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around that first part. I have spent one year raising another human.  When I was young I wondered from…