• Meghan

    Sick Bug and Meghan at 8 Months

    We just got over a sick bug in the Clements household. Olivia seemed to get it first and pass it to Meghan, of course. Myke got the annoying and lingering cough and I somehow escaped it. I don’t know how, especially with being around the girls 24/7, but I did…

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    Mother’s Day Wish List

    This will be my second official Mother’s Day and I like it! Last year I spent most of it sick on the couch because of a certain someone in my belly, but Myke still made it special. He always does such a good job at spoiling me, no matter what…

  • Baby,  Family

    C Section Awareness

    April is c section awareness month. I never knew this until last April, months after my first c section. Before I had one, I thought that c sections were only needed because of an emergency situation or someone who just didn’t want to go into labor. I know that sounds…

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    Folsom Lake in Photos

    Myke and I took the girls to Folsom Lake and took some beautiful pictures. It’s always nice to get away just the four of us and just enjoy nature and each other. What’s even sweeter is I can tell that Olivia enjoys it too. She gets both of us and…

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    Fairytale Town

    When I was little, I went to Fairytale Town at least a dozen times. This place is the best for little kids. The little area has all sorts of slides and things to climb on that coordinate with different fairy tales. They also have farm animals which is a fun…

  • Family,  Photography

    Easter 2019

    We had such a beautiful Easter. We were able to spend it with Myke’s entire family since his brother’s family flew in from North Carolina. We gathered on Sunday after church with my parents and had a great lunch while all three kids napped (OJ, MJ, and my nephew). When…

  • Family,  Photography

    Coming Home

    A couple weekends ago we spent some time in downtown with my in laws. They have built up a cool little area around the new arena with restaurants and shops. It was nice to walk take in everything that has changed since I was last here. My mother and father…

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    Clements Kitchen

    If there is one thing that we love, it is food. Since we have always been foodies on a budget, Myke wanted to bring some recipes to share with everyone. For our first episode we have a fun an relatively inexpensive pork taco recipe.

  • Photography

    New Camera Lens

    For Christmas, Myke got a new camera lens. He had his eye on it for a little while and he was finally able to purchase it with a lot of help from gift cards from family. A couple weeks ago, we went to see Aquaman (which was AMAZING) and we…

  • Family

    Family Time

    I love that my family is complete. We have our two girls and it feels right. One of the silver linings of not having to work is being able to be with your kids. Myke has been working other jobs to help get some cash flow, but we have been…